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France, Germany: Speed Cameras Burned, Boxed, Bashed, Blown Up
Two dozen cameras attacked in France while a photo radar unit in Leipzig, Germany explodes.

Savoy camera
In Savoy, France over twenty speed cameras were covered last weekend by white cardboard boxes painted with the Cross of Savoy and the slogans "Free Savoy" and "Treaty Abrogated." A separatist movement believes that the French government has no right to set up speed cameras in the region. The group's members vow to continue the attacks on speed cameras, Caradisiac Moto reported.

In Bel Air, France vigilantes set fire to a speed camera at around 4am Tuesday. This marked the sixth time that the automated ticketing machine on the N134 has been destroyed since being installed in the spring of 2009. The last attack in May cost officials 20,000 euros (US $25,000), Sud Ouest reported. Police have no idea who might be responsible.

In Charente limousine, a photo radar unit that failed to prevent an accident was destroyed when it was hit by a Polish truck. The device on route 951 was destroyed, Sud Ouest reported.

In Leipzig, Germany vigilantes used explosives to destroy a speed camera last Sunday at around 12:30am. The device had been located in the Sudvorstadt district between Paul-Gruner and High Street. Police have no idea who was responsible, Leipziger Volkszeitung reported.

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