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France, Italy, Spain: Speed Cameras Burn, Crash
Speed cameras burn in Forli, Italy and Nointel, France while a speed camera car crashes in Corunna, Spain.

Forli camera burned
In Forli, Italy vigilantes damaged a speed camera on Tuesday night. The automated ticketing machine located on Via Del Partigiano turned black from the flames, but provincial officials insisted the device's inner workings survived. Police have no idea who might be responsible.

"We condemn with all possible firmness the act of vandalism that targeted a newly installed fixed speed cameras," provincial administrator Maurizio Brunelli said in a statement.

A speed camera in Nointel, France was likewise set on fire last Sunday at around 8:30am, Le Parisien reported. The device located on the N31 near Compiegne-Beauvais has been a frequent target of vigilantes. In March and April the same camera had been painted white and then pink. This time, the camera housing was opened before being set on fire.

In Corunna, Spain a speed camera car caused a crash that left three people with minor injuries at around 1:30pm on Monday. The incident happened during stop and go traffic. A couple in a Seat Ibiza were nearly stopped when a police speed camera car, a Renault Megane, rear-ended the Ibiza. The impact was severe enough to break the windshield of the speed camera car and deploy the airbags. The Megane had to be towed away, La Voz de Galicia reported. The incident caused a complete stop to traffic on Avenida de las Jubias and Avenida Alfonso Molina, the city's two main roads, for over two hours.

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