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Spain, UK: Speed Cameras Self-Combust, Are Impersonated
North Wales, UK speed camera bursts into flames while anonymous student mocks cameras in Spain.

Speed camera costume
A speed camera van in North Wales caught fire last Monday at around 12:30pm. The van had been parked in Gwynedd to issue tickets on a narrow road in the area. A North Wales Fire Service emergency crew arrived on the scene to extinguish the blaze, leaving the vehicle heavily damaged.

"The firemen were very quick in putting the fire out but there were just a few smiles on their faces afterwards," one witness told the North Wales Daily Post newspaper. "I think quite a few people around here had a bit of a giggle as well."

Investigators told the Daily Post that an electrical fault in the van caused the blaze. Last month, a speed camera van in Tennessee caught fire and burned down a barn under similar circumstances.

In Ferrol, Spain a 24-year-old student mocked the overuse of speed cameras in the city last week by creating a "fixed mobile radar" costume. Standing in the median of the AC-566 he used an attached pocket camera to photograph passing motorists while a group of friends filmed from the other side of the road.

View the speed camera impersonation video on YouTube:

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