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Arizona State Police to Investigate Aggressive Redflex Driver
YouTube video captures Redflex photo radar van driver violating several traffic laws.

Redflex van at Chick-fil-A
The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) may investigate a photo radar van driver caught on video violating state traffic laws. A clip uploaded on YouTube showed an SUV painted to appear like a DPS vehicle performing a number of illegal maneuvers on the way to a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Phoenix last Thursday. The van is owned and operated by Redflex Traffic Systems, an Australian company that issues automated tickets on behalf of DPS.

A motorist armed with a camera spotted the van on the Loop 101 Freeway and began taping. After the Redflex driver realized he had overshot the 35th Avenue exit, he drove right over the painted divider lines at the exit so that he would not have to double back. Crossing "any part" of these lines violates Arizona Code Section 28-644. From there, the driver made two lane changes without signaling. After entering a parking lot, the Redflex driver made a rolling stop turn -- the type of turn for which the Australian company issues the most tickets at intersections. The car then cut across the lot to get to the Chick-fil-A as soon as possible.

Driving over the divider is an offense that carries a penalty of three license points, unsafe lane changes earn two points, failure to signal merits two points and ignoring a stop sign earns two license points. Licenses in Arizona can be suspended once the point total reaches eight.

If DPS follows through with the investigation, this would not be the first Redflex employee busted for reckless driving. One year ago, Redflex driver Roderick Ruffin was arrested for driving the Redflex van to a ticketing location while drunk. Callers to 911 noted Ruffin had hit the curb and was weaving all over the road.

View video on YouTube:

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