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Speed Cameras Attacked in France, Ireland, Poland, The Netherlands and UK
Speed cameras in France, Ireland, Poland, The Netherlands and UK are booed, blocked, burned, bombed, bent and boosted over the past week.

Poland speed camera remains
Vigilantes around the world continued to take on speed cameras in the past week. On Thursday, device in Dorset, England was destroyed by fire, the Bournemouth Echo reported. The machine had been issuing tickets on Magna Road in Bearwood. The latest incident followed two similar attacks on speed cameras in the area in recent weeks. Police have no suspects.

In Lancashire, a speed camera pole was bent at a 45 degree angle last Sunday. The incident rendered the device on the B5246 between Rufford and Mere Brow incapable of issuing tickets. Even though the camera has been attacked on several prior occasions, local police insisted to Champion Newspapers that the incident was "not suspicious."

In Northamptonshire, a vigilante grabbed a speed camera from the M1 motorway sometime last week. The Northampton Chronicle and Echo reported that the device had been locked on a bridge near Daventry. Police have no suspects.

A vigilante in the city of Szczecin, Poland took a five-liter can of gasoline, poured it on a pile of used tires to create a massive fire around a speed camera. According to witnesses, flames shot seven feet into the air. Local police told Fakt that the inner workings of the camera survived the blaze.

In Raucoules, a commune in south-central France, vigilantes covered a recently installed speed camera with gray paint. This marked the third such attack in the past few months in an area known as La Detourbe, Le Progres reported.

In Amsterdam, motorist Jack Visser decided to protest the use of automated ticketing machines. Simply by holding a sign reading, "Warning: Radar" he was able to sabotage a local speed trap. Upset police politely asked him to leave for his own safety, according to De Telegraaf.

The most serious attack took place in Ireland on Thursday as a manned speed camera van was hit with a petrol bomb, the Irish Times reported. The automated ticketing machine had been parked on an estate driveway on the main Blarney to Tower Road in Cork at around 7:30pm. An unidentified man broke the passenger-side window and tossed in the device which failed to catch fire. Neither the driver nor the machinery suffered any damage.

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