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Cameras Burned, Bashed in UK, Germany, Italy
Umbrella smashes speed camera in Nuremberg, Germany while fire scorches cameras in Lancashire, UK and Pisa, Italy.

A sixty-eight-year-old man in Nuremberg, Germany used an umbrella to express his feelings about photo enforcement. A speed trap had been set up on the Steuben bridge on June 20 around 1pm. When the man came upon the mobile laser-based camera, he began smashing it with the umbrella until forcibly restrained by Bavarian Police. In a statement, police officials explained that the camera was "no longer functional" and would be repaired. The extent of the damage is not yet known.

Three days later, vigilantes in Lancashire, England torched a speed camera using a gasoline-filled tire. The automated ticketing machine located on London Road near Lymington Avenue in Leigh burned at around 3am until firefighters extinguished the blaze. According to the Echo newspaper, police have no suspects.

In Tuscany, Italy, however, officials may finally have a lead. A speed camera located on viale d'Annunzio in Marina di Pisa snapped a photo of what is assumed to be the vigilante that set the machine on fire. Police in the town of Torre are investigating. Another attack earlier this month incinerated a speed camera near the Pisa airport but left no evidence behind, Il Secolo reported.

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