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London Borough Ends Car Impounding
Westminster, England City Council ends vehicle booting and impounding program.

London clamp
Motorists in the the London, UK borough city of Westminster no longer need to worry that their car might be booted or impounded over a minor parking infraction. The city council on Wednesday announced would end a parking enforcement program which had resulted in the towing and booting of more than 30,000 vehicles over a period of three years. The council proposed a far more friendly alternative for vehicle owners.

"For certain parking contraventions, Westminster may relocate a vehicle to a nearby paid-for parking space, particularly if the vehicle is causing an obstruction or preventing a permit holder from using their parking bay," the borough's parking website explained.

Drivers who block driveways or parking spots for the disabled will still be issued an expensive parking ticket and have their car moved to a legal parking spot nearby. They will not, however, be subject to fees for towing and impound lot storage. Under the old program, certain parking offenses required payment of £70 (US $140) for removal of a vehicle boot or clamp. Cars not ransomed within four hours were taken to the impound lot where another £200 (US $400) fee was assessed in addition to the parking ticket.

For those who cannot find their relocated car, the city has set up a number for drivers to call to determine its location. The policy change does not affect motorists on private property where for-profit firms make £125 (US $250) from each vehicle towed.

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