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Australia: Car Seizures Hit $1 Million Profit Mark
Victoria, Australia seized 3437 vehicles to generate more than $1 million in revenue.

Seized cars
A total of 3437 automobiles and motorcycles seized in Victoria, Australia have generated more than A$1 million in revenue since July 2006. The state began seizing vehicles at the rate of nearly six cars per day with a program allowing confiscation based on hearsay offered by callers to anonymous tip hotlines.

"All calls are confidential and all information is passed onto police which can help us in identifying offenders and potential hot spots," Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Bob Hastings explained.

In Frankston, for example, residents can call 1800 NO HOON to report what police call anti-social driving. According to police statistics, nearly two-thirds of the seizures were justified by allegations of burnouts, almost a quarter for "fishtailing" and the rest for motorcycle wheelstands, wheelies and donuts.

A police officer accusing a motorist of any of these offenses has the power to grab the vehicle for two days without trial or appeal and impose a A$300 towing charge. On a second accusation, the car is locked up for three months and on a third it is permanently confiscated. Police officials said in a statement that they enjoyed taking cars and motorcycles.

"I've spoken to police officers throughout the state and this is legislation that they are confident in using and enjoy using because of the immediate impact it has," Assistant Commissioner for Traffic Noel Ashby said.

Although most cars are confiscated from young men, police grabbed a car belonging to a 63 year old man as well as cars from a pair of women in their 30s.

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