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UK Deploys DVD Based Speed Cameras
New DVD based speed camera systems make it easier for UK police to mail out tickets for driving with a cell phone or while smoking.

Lastec ConCept
A new camera system will help UK police focus on mailing out tickets to motorists who drive while holding a cigarette or cell phone. The Tele-Traffic LASTEC ConCept is designed to record alleged offenses on DVD-R discs that can easily be played back on a courtroom television. The device received Home Office type approval earlier this year that allows the images it produces to be used as conclusive evidence in court.

"Altogether, the process has taken over fifteen months to complete but we were confident throughout that we have a really good product and are delighted to have received this approval which is a confirmation of this," Tele-Traffic spokesman Peter Gay said in a statement.

Although the system includes laser speed estimation for the automatic generation of ordinary speeding tickets, the DVD writing capacity is ideal for writing a large volume of £60 (US $120) "dangerous driving" tickets to non-speeding motorists who show disrespect toward cameras by offering a "V-sign" (view example). Previous system relied upon VHS tape that required a significant amount of fast-forwarding when police wanted to go back and find evidence of ticketable violations.

Tele-Traffic CEO Jon Bond, a former police chief, explained the usefulness of his camera systems to an undercover Daily Mail reporter in 2006.

"There will be so much money coming in you won't know what to do with it," Bond said.

So far, UK police have lined up for the chance to take advantage of the new ticketing opportunity. The Cumbria Speed Camera Partnership already has three of the ConCept cameras operational.

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