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Ohio Attorney General SUV Draws Fire
The flame-sided SUV belonging to the Ohio attorney general draws criticism.

Attorney General Marc Dann SUV
Ohio's attorney general was sworn in at the beginning of the year but is already generating controversy regarding the paint job on one of the government vehicles in his fleet. The state's top law enforcement official has a black, flame-striped Chevrolet Suburban sport utility vehicle with a state seal and the slogan "Attorney General Marc Dann's Sunshine Express" in the window. After snapping a photo of the unique styling, the Ohio Republican Party was quick to pounce on the Democratic official.

"Just when you thought Marc Dann couldn't embarrass Ohio any more, he comes up with a ridiculous display like this," the Ohio GOP website stated. "Did Ohio taxpayers actually pay for flame detailing on a state vehicle?"

Dann's office maintains that the SUV is an old vehicle left over from his predecessor and that the added detailing was an inexpensive means of highlighting a key initiative. (View large photo of SUV)

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