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Iowa Sheriff Convicted of Stealing $120k in Traffic Stop
A Dallas County, Iowa sheriff is convicted of stealing cash from motorists during a traffic stop.

Sheriff Brian Gilbert
A Pottawattamie County, Iowa jury yesterday found former Dallas County Sheriff Brian Gilbert guilty of stealing $120,000 during a traffic stop. On March 15, 2006 Dallas County sheriff's deputies pulled over a car on Interstate 80, intending to issue it a ticket for dark window tinting. After noticing that the vehicle had been recently repaired, the officers conducted a thorough search that uncovered approximately $900,000 in cash stored in twenty-seven separate bundles. They proceeded to seize the money.

Sheriff Gilbert was to transport the cash to the office, but he testified that he had taken a few minutes to stop off and close the garage door at home that he had left open. He then delivered twenty-six bundles of cash to the office.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation was called in to investigate the case last year after the deputies noticed the missing money. Gilbert was arrested and charged in July. Felony theft in the first degree could carry a sentence of up to ten years in prison.

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