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Virginia: DMV Cops Set Up Prom Limo Roadblocks
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles conducts random prom night roadblocks to search limos.

Prom limo
Virginia prom-goers could have their limousines stopped and thoroughly searched by the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) which has announced its intent to conduct roadblocks through mid-June. Special DMV employees will be searching vehicles to issue tickets for seat belt, insurance, licensing and other violations outside the formal dances attended by teenagers.

"Our random, unannounced inspections are an important way to help identify carriers who could potentially jeopardize the safety of Virginia's teens," DMV Commissioner D.B. Smit said.

The department also said in a statement that it would notify the school after it seized a limousine and stranded its teenage passengers.

Last year, the DMV Law Enforcement Services (LES) division conducted 25 roadblock search operations in Northern Virginia. DMV employees stopped and looked through 395 limousines issuing a total of 119 tickets. The majority were issued for paperwork violations including expired inspection stickers and the drivers having the wrong type of driver's license. One ticket was issued for an alcohol violation and one passenger was arrested for being drunk in the limousine.

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