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UK: Post Office Box Used to Evade Speed Cameras
UK motorists can avoid prosecution for all photo tickets by registering vehicle at a post office box.

Mail Boxes Etc
UK motorists who register their vehicles at a Mail Boxes Etc. mail drop address are finding police do not pursue collections for photo ticket offenses against them. According to Essex and Bedford police, dozens of vehicles are registered at a single address at 25 Duke Street in Chelmsford.

"The advantage is that Mr. Smith can speed past safety cameras, jump red lights and commit with impunity other road traffic offences caught on camera," said Member of Parliament Simon Burns (West Chelmsford). "When a letter arrives at the address setting out the offence and demanding a fine, there is no one to collect it."

The personal mailbox, which has a high street address rather than a box number, is available for £12 per month (US $21). Police say it would take too much time to pursue further identity of the individual mailbox owners, allowing them to escape punishment. Owners registered at the Duke Street address, apparently aware of this, can be seen in photographs extending their middle finger toward the speed camera.

The Association of Chief Police Officers, with the support of Tory MP Burns, is working on legislation to close the loophole within the next 18 months.

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