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Arizona Senate Votes to Ban Freeway Speed Cameras
The Arizona state Senate votes to ban photo radar on freeways.

Thayer Verschoor
The Arizona state Senate voted 17-11 yesterday to ban speed cameras on freeways within the state. Transportation Committee Chairman Thayer Verschoor (R-Gilbert) introduced SB 1146 in response to the city of Scottsdale's photo radar program that will begin issuing $157 citations at six locations along a 7.8 mile stretch of the Loop 101 freeway.

A similar attempt to ban photo radar last year narrowly failed in May when the House voted 29-26 in favor of the measure, but fell 2 votes short of the parliamentary majority required for passage. As a compromise, Verschoor's bill allows Scottsdale to run its program until December 31.

Article Excerpt:
State of Arizona, Senate
Forty-seventh Legislature
Second Regular Session, 2006

AN ACT amending title 28, chapter 3, article 6, Arizona Revised Statutes, by adding section 28-711; relating to traffic speed restrictions.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1. Title 28, chapter 3, article 6, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 28-711, to read:

28-711. Photo radar; prohibited use

On a controlled access highway in this state, this state or a local authority shall not use photo radar to identify violators of this article.

Sec. 2. Effective date

Section 28-711, Arizona Revised Statutes, as added by this act, is effective from and after December 31, 2006.

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