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Drunk Driving Activists Target Non-Drunks Who Drive
NHTSA and the Ad Council have changed their efforts to target drivers who are not legally drunk.

Buzzed PSA
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has joined forces with the Ad Council to introduce a taxpayer-funded public relations campaign against, "buzzed driving." This refers to drivers who may have had a drink before getting behind the wheel, but are not at the .08 blood alcohol level at which drivers in most states are automatically considered guilty of driving under the influence (DUI).

Washington, DC recently backed off of a similar "zero tolerance" campaign where drivers were stopped on DUI charges after having just one drink -- or even no drinks at all. The motorists were then coerced into paying a $400 "counseling fee" to avoid prosecution.

The new ads are designed to target those who drink in moderation. According to the Ad Council website, young men "don't realize how much control they surrender after consuming even a small amount of alcohol." The public service announcements also coincide with NHTSA-supported holiday roadblocks where all motorists are stopped and searched before being allowed to continue on their journey. View the ad on the Ad Council website.

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