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Minneapolis Police Caught Running Red Lights
Fourteen Minneapolis, Minnesota police officers face no punishment for running red lights without an emergency.

Running a red lightFourteen Minneapolis police officers were caught on film running red lights in June without their sirens on. Several other official city vehicles were found to have likewise blasted through the lights. This comes as a public relations blow to the city which is looking to collect $624,000 in monthly revenue from its new red light camera program.

Because last month served as the "warning period" for the new red light cameras, the officers involved face no punishment or disciplinary action.

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Minnesota state law allows officers who are responding to an emergency to run a red light. But the law says the officer must be using either the siren or the flashing lights on the squad car. Minneapolis department policy actually is stricter – it says officers must be using both. The officers seen on the videotape released Friday won't face any disciplinary action. Gail Plewacki, the city's spokeswoman, says incidents happened during the "warning phase" of the "Stop on Red" program, during which no citations were issued to any drivers.
Source: Minneapolis Police Officers caught on tape running red lights (KARE-TV, 7/16/2005)

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