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Beaverton Backs Off Slightly on Snitching Requirement
Beaverton, Oregon backs off its requirment for ticket recipients to rat out the actual driver.

Beaverton, OregonIn the wake of bad publicity surrounding legal challenges, the city of Beaverton, Oregon has relented on its requirement that anyone receiving a camera ticket must snitch on the actual driver if it wasn't them. They do, however, still require challengers to go through the hassle of the court system -- in violation of Oregon law, according to the legislature's senior counsel.

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Hannah R. Mills, senior staff attorney for the legislative counsel, agreed.

"Upon receiving a certificate of innocence and a photocopy of the owner's driver's license, the city is required by Oregon Revised Statutes . . . to dismiss the citation," Mills wrote in an opinion on Beaverton's policy.
Source: Beaverton eases up on photo radar, ticketing (The Oregonian, 12/23/2004)

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