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UK: Innocent Man Cannot Drive Because of Camera Tickets
Innocent man in London, UK cannot drive his car because officials will not cancel the camera tickets issued to a cloned car.

Saleem SabbirSaleem Sabbir, a 21-year-old London businessman, fears that if he drives his car, London meter maids will confiscate it -- even though he has committed no crime. Thieves have "cloned" Sabbir's Volkswagen, which means they have taken an identical silver car and attached his license plate number to it. So far, they've racked up £5,838 (US $10,500) in camera tickets for parking, driving in the bus lane and other offenses.

Transport for London has confirmed that Sabbir's car has been cloned and he is not responsible for certain violations, but 20 tickets issued by individual London boroughs remain outstanding. Officials refuse to issue Sabbir a new license plate until he personally sorts out each of these tickets. Collection agents harass Sabbir day and night.

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[Sabbir] added: "I can't even park my car outside my house and I have declared it off the road so the baliffs don't take it. I have to use public transport to get to work."
Source: Driver left with fines after car clones target him (Waltham Forest Guardian (UK), 6/13/2005)

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