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Lawyer Fights Back Against Oregon Photo Radar
Beaverton, Oregon lawyer takes on the forced snitching provision of the city's photo radar statute.

Beaverton, OregonA Beaverton, Oregon man was sent a ticket for running a red light, even though he had sold his car three weeks before the alleged infraction. Under city ordinance, he must either pay the fine or snitch on who the actual driver was (although, it's not his car any more -- how would he know?) The man rightly refused to snitch, and a judge suspended his license. A local lawyer has taken up the case for free, charging it violates the Oregon Constitution which states, "Private property shall not be taken for public use, nor the particular service of any man be demanded, without just compensation."

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Hingson questions Beaverton's policy of requiring car owners who get photo radar speeding or red light tickets -- but who weren't driving the car at the time of the offense -- to identify the driver. The city insists on that information before it will consider dismissing the charge.
Source: Lawyer takes Beaverton radar system to court (Oregonian, 12/20/2004)

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