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UK Voters Reject Environmental Taxes
Nearly two-thirds of British voters believe politicians use the environment as an excuse to raise more revenue.

CO2 Charge logoVoters in Britain are fighting back against efforts to use climate change as an excuse to generate new revenue from motorists. According to new results by Opinium Research, an overwhelming majority of those surveyed believed the government was more concerned with cash than the environment. London, for example, has implemented a daily congestion tax of up to £25 (US $50) on certain family vehicles.

"We are questioning the truth behind being greener and many feel that the Government is creating a green fear for monetary gain," Opinium's head researcher, Mark Hodson, told the Daily Mail newspaper.

The poll indicated that 72 percent opposed higher taxes to promote the green agenda. A total of 67 percent believe the "green" label is used as an excuse to raise taxes. The research figures are bolstered by conservative Boris Johnson's stunning 6.4 percent margin of victory yesterday over socialist Ken Livingstone for the office of London mayor.

"The message to all politicians is clear," said Association of British Drivers Environment Spokesman Ben Adams. "Your tax war on the motorist must come to an end... The next General Election is up to two years away, but whenever it takes place the votes of more than thirty million driving license holders will be critical to the outcome."

Opinium's survey was taken between April 11 and 14, before the release of data suggesting the earth would grow cooler, not warmer, in the next decade.

Source: Green taxes are just cynical ploy to boost revenue, say majority of Britons (London Daily Mail (UK), 5/3/2008)

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