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New York: Tow Truck Driver Sues NYPD Cops
Tow truck drivers sues New York City, New York cops who harass him for enforcing parking laws on private property.

Atlantic Terminal MallA New York City tow truck driver claims that police are harassing him for enforcing the law against them on private property. John Montalvo, 43, filed a lawsuit in the Brooklyn Supreme Court Tuesday alleging that the 72nd Precinct police arrested him on trumped up car theft charges, the New York Daily News reported. Montalvo had angered the officers by towing their private vehicles which had parked illegally at the Atlantic Terminal Mall.

The mall had hired Montalvo to enforce parking rules, but officers from several precincts use a private mall road, Fort Greene Place, to store their vehicles contrary to the owner's wishes. Following established procedures, Montalvo reported each car towed to the police. The response, Montalvo's attorney Bruce Povman told the Daily News, was that officers mistreated and arrested the paraplegic tow truck driver on charges that were later dropped.

"He was handcuffed behind his back in his wheelchair," Povman said. "While under arrest, he was denied medication and there was no handicap accessible bathroom."

Source: Brooklyn tow company owner suing city, charges cops harass him (New York Daily News, 2/7/2008)

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