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Texas: Cops Frame Man for DUI
A Dallas, Texas area musician sues police after finding evidence they may have conspired to frame him for DUI.

Tray BoswellA sober motorist is suing four Plano, Texas police officers after uncovering evidence that they may have conspired to frame him on driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) charges on October 18, 2006. Tray Boswell, a Dallas area musician, is now fighting back. He filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in the Texas Eastern District Court in September, charging officers Jon Britton, Scott Copeland, Ron Kress and Michael Nunns with conspiring with his ex-wife, Sarah Boswell, to arrest him for DUI in October last year. At the time, the Boswells were in the midst of a divorce where such an arrest could have swayed the proceedings.

The alleged conspiracy failed after the DUI trial gave Tray Boswell access to Sarah Boswell's mobile phone records. These showed multiple contacts between her and the personal cell phones of each of the four officers both prior to and after the arrest. Prosecutors quickly dropped the charges against Tray Boswell, but officials insist the officers did nothing wrong.

"We will vigorously defend them," Plano City Attorney Dianne Wetherbee told the Plano Star-Courier newspaper.

Source: Four Plano officers face federal lawsuit (Plano Star-Courier (TX), 11/14/2007)

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