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California Woman Gets Red Light Camera Double-Jeopardy
A Hawthorne, California woman received a ticket from a real police officer and a red light camera at the same time.

CHP OfficersThe bill of rights protects individuals from facing more than one trial for the same crime, but California resident Lori Williams experienced just that.

She admits to turning left against a red arrow in Hawthorne, being pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer and being flashed by a red light camera. The officer insisted on giving the ticket even though he knew Williams might also get a ticket in the mail.

Not only did she face two fines totaling $702 and a double set of demerit points against her license, but she also was forced to visit two separate courthouses to resolve the matter. She found nothing but useless recorded messages when she tried to call either court.

"You go through, and you stand in the traffic line and you wait and wait and wait," Williams said. When she finally spoke to a judge, the ticket written by the human being was the one that was dismissed.

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He asked her if she saw the camera flash, then said: "Well, I'm gonna go ahead and write you a ticket. You may get one in the mail, too," [Lori Williams] said. "I didn't understand what he meant," Williams said.
Source: A trip to traffic double-jeopardy (Daily Breeze (Hawthorne, CA), 2/14/2005)

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