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UK: Neighborhoods Turned into Speed Camera Traps
Average speed cameras will turn entire neighborhoods into speed traps in the UK.

20 MPH zoneThe UK will expand its use of average speed cameras beyond high-speed major roads and begin using them in low-speed neighborhoods. A series of test cameras in Camden, North London, and Belfast monitor traffic as each vehicle enters a particular section of town. Each camera in the system operates independently. The first device records the plate number and time of entry for each vehicle that drives into the ticketing area. When the same vehicle exits, a second camera records the vehicle plate number along with the time of exit. These records are later gathered and processed so that the average speed of all cars can be computed.

The owner of a vehicle traveling even slightly over the 20 MPH speed limit will receive a £60 (US $110) ticket in the mail weeks later. UK government officials maintain that the dozens of cameras used will have clocks perfectly synchronized at all times, ensuring accurate results.

The system is awaiting type approval from the Home Office before actual tickets can be issued.

Source: Cameras set to catch side-street speeders (London Times (UK), 6/15/2006)

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