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Beaverton, Oregon Tries to Force Motorists to Inform
A Beaverton, Oregon accountant retells the story of the city ignoring the law regarding photo radar citations.

David DiLorenzo, an accountant, received a Beaverton, Oregon photo radar ticket while he was actually in San Diego. He sent in a certificate certifying that he was not the driver, but the city wouldn't accept it unless he fingered the real driver. Of course, the photo was wrong and he could not have done that. He had no choice but to waste his time setting up a trial where the case was immediately dismissed. The city was clearly violating Oregon law in attempting to force DiLorenzo to turn informant, despite their claims last month that they would stop.

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I completed a certificate of innocence, as I did once before, when I received a citation in Portland and had not been driving. As happened that time, I expected to hear no more. But this time was different. I discovered the angst of Beaverton.

The city rejected my certificate of innocence and threatened to suspend my license if I failed to identify the driver. If I was unable to comply, I was required to take it up with a judge in court.
Source: Smarmy tactics make Beaverton untrustworthy (The Oregonian, 1/20/2005)

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