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France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Squeezed, Sprayed
Vigilantes showed disrespect toward European speed cameras last week.

Squeezed Italian speed cameraBy Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Bari, Italy, vigilantes smashed a pair of orange "Velo OK" brand speed camera housings located in Mariotto and on the Via Ammiraglio Vacca. In Oelsnitz, Germany, the 52-year-old driver of a Volkswagen infuriated police by showing disrespect to a speed camera on Tuesday. As the man passed the speed trap on Innere Neuwieser Strasse, he extended his middle finger toward the automated ticketing machine. Police tracked him down after the incident.

The mobile speed camera on the RD974 in Gevrey Chambertin, France, was blinded with black spraypaint on Tuesday. The same device had been attacked ten days earlier when it was positioned near Corgoloin. Around the same time, the speed camera on the CD945 in Mazerolles was disabled with orange spraypaint for the fifth time so far this year.