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France, Italy: Vigilantes Block Speed Cameras
Fire and spraypaint thwarted a half dozen speed cameras in Italy and France last week.

Spraypainted speed camera in ItalyBy Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Hallines, France, black paint was used on Saturday to blind the speed camera on the RD928. On the day before that, the speed camera on the RD948 in Aigondigne was set on fire. From the end of June, vigilantes have kept the speed camera on the RD781 in Hennebont from issuing tickets, painting it gray, and then, on Wednesday, it was blinded with a fresh coat of black paint right after authorities had cleaned it.

In Cosenza, Italy, vigilantes on Friday smashed the speed camera on the SS107. In Portogruaro, white paint was used to thwart the ticketing efforts of a speed camera on Tuesday.