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France, Germany, Italy: Outbreak Of Spraypaint And Fire Sabotages Speed Cameras
Spraypaint, fire and plastic wrap took out a dozen European speed cameras last week.

Spraypainted speed camera in ItalyVigilantes in Wintzenheim, France, on Sunday blinded the speed camera on the RD417 by spraying it with blue paint. On Saturday, vigilantes in the towns of Aimargues and Dions set fire to three different photo radar vans. They also disabled the speed camera on the RN100 near Saze. Around the same time in Angers, vigilantes wrapped a speed camera on the A11 with black plastic. On Friday, red and blue spraypaint blinded the speed camera on the RN1075. On Tuesday, orange paint applied to the lenses of the speed camera on the RN165 in Ploeren blocked the device from issuing automated tickets. On the previous day, vigilantes in Gray used white paint to blind the speed camera on the RD67. On the RD59 in Saint-Restitut, spraypaint was used to cover the lens of the speed camera. Red spraypaint was used against the speed camera on the RN59 near La Voivre.

In Campogalliano, Italy, vigilantes on Saturday disabled the newly installed speed camera on the Via Canale Carpi by spraypainting its lenses white. On April 5, vigilantes in Hamburg, Germany, torched the speed camera that previously had been attacked with a pickaxe.