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France: Vigilantes Winning War Against Speed Cameras
Next-generation speed cameras are being destroyed faster than they can be deployed in France.

Toppled Italian speed cameraFrench officials were convinced that mounting speed cameras high atop poles would keep them from being attacked. The government committed to replacing every existing photo radar installation with these next-generation "turret" speed cameras only to learn that the devices are being destroyed faster than they are deployed. According to the experts at, twelve cameras have been installed in the Tarn department since January 1, but a total of thirteen turret cameras there have been knocked out of service during the same period.

On Friday, vigilantes used white paint to blind the speed camera on the A320 in Forbach. On Thursday, the turret camera on the RD612 in Beziers was cut down. Down the same road toward Agde, another turret camera was pried open and blinded with yellow spraypaint. On January 11, vigilantes cut down the speed camera on the RD600 in Sainte-Croix.

Vigilantes in San Giuliano, Italy, took out a trio of orange Velo OK brand speed cameras last week. The camera on the Via Gorky was blown up on January 10. The device on the Via Della Repubblica was knocked over, and on January 12 the camera on the Via Tolstoj was struck with a blunt object. In Cuneo, the speed camera on the SS231 was rammed on Thursday.