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France, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Out Of Action
European vigilantes disabled a number of photo radar devices across France, Italy and England last week.

Pried open speed cameraOn Saturday, vigilantes in Tinqueux, France, torched the speed camera located on the RD980. A speed camera installed last week on the RD952 in Waville had been blinded with white spraypaint by the weekend. On Thursday, the speed camera on the RD974 in Meursault was torched.

A speed camera van in Leicestershire, England, became stuck twice on Friday while trying to hide on the side of the road in muddy conditions. The police were called to the scene each time to tow the automated ticketing vehicle to safety. On Thursday, a masked ATV rider thwarted a speed camera van that had been issuing tickets on Easington Road in Hartlepool. The man closed the van's window and stood in its way, preventing the issuance of tickets.

In Colonna, Italy, vigilantes pried open a speed camera and damaged the internal mechanism.