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France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Stopped
Speeding photo radar van caught in Saudi Arabia while vigilantes in France use duct tape and paint to stop automated ticketing.

Tarp covers French cameraIn Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a motorist caught a Saher speed camera van speeding at 160km/h (99 MPH) in a 120km/h (75 MPH) zone on the Huda Al-Sham highway. A video of the incident was posted to YouTube on Tuesday (view video).

On Saturday, vigilantes in Brienne, France, disabled a speed camera with white spraypaint, Le Journal de Saone-et-Loire reported. In Lacanau, black paint was used to blind the speed camera on the D6, according to Sud Ouest. On Tuesday, vigilantes used black and gray tarps to cover a set of five speed cameras of the RD112 between Albi and Castres, according to the Le Journal D'ici. This included the devices in Puygouzon, Denat, Venes, Saint-Germier and Saint-Antoine de la Verdarie. In Doubs, a trio of speed cameras on the RD437 were disabled with black and silver paint on February 2, Ma Commune reported. This included devices in Montflovin, Liebvillers and Montandon. Last week Saturday, bright orange spraypaint took out the speed camera in Toulouse, according to France 3. Cameras in the area were also covered in garbage bags and duct tape, France 3 added.