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France, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, UK: Ambulance Flattens Speed Camera
Vigilantes throughout the world celebrated the holidays by disabling speed cameras.

Wrapped speed cameraAn ambulance in Chester, England, flattened a speed camera on the day after Christmas. According to the Chester Standard newspaper, the emergency vehicle was on Liverpool Road bringing a patient to Countess of Chester Hospital at 4am when the automated ticketing machine failed to prevent the accident. A second ambulance was dispatched to take the patient to the hospital.

A similar thing happened in Haaren, The Netherlands, on New Year's Day, as the speed camera on the N65 failed to prevent a black BMW 5 series sedan from smashing into it, Omroep Brabant reported.

Vigilantes in Montargis, France, celebrated the Christmas spirit by covering the speed camera on the RD2007 a festive red box and adding a zero to the speed limit sign so that it read 300km/h (186 MPH), La Republique du Centre reported. On Saturday, the speed camera on the RD14 in Lamballe was painted neon green, according to Le Penthievre. White was the color of choice in Gensac-la-Pallue on Friday, as the automated ticketing machine on the RN141 was taken out of service, according to Charente Libre. In Lavigny, the speed camera on the D70 was painted black on Saturday, Le Progres reported.

In Taif, Saudi Arabia on Saturday, the Saher speed camera on the airport road was set on fire. According to Slaati, vigilantes used a container of gasoline to fuel the blaze.