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Maryland, France, Sweden: Speed Cameras Sprayed, Sawed
Spraypaint and angle grinders keep speed cameras across Europe and in Maryland from issuing tickets.

Coriscan speed cameraVigilantes tore down a speed camera in Ingaro, Sweden, on Sunday. According to NVP, the device was left cut in half on the side of Eknasvagen road.

In Lacanau, France, vigilantes last week disabled the speed camera on the D6 by shooting it with a paintball gun, leaving white blotches that blocked its lenses, Sud Ouest reported. In Moyenmoutier, vigilantes on Thursday disabled a speed camera by painting it black, according to Vosges Matin. On the island of Corsica, vigilantes covered a speed camera in Ajaccio with a large green trash dumpster, Il Fatto Quotidiano reported.

A video posted last Tuesday on Twitter showed the speed camera on Gwynns Falls Parkway in Baltimore, Maryland receiving a coat of black spraypaint (view video on YouTube).