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Minnesota Ticket Paid off with 12,000 Pennies
Wanting revenge for an unjust ticket, a man pays off his $120 Minnesota speeding ticket in pennies.

PenniesSeattle motorist Robert John Zukowski, 27, believed he received an unjust ticket for driving 70 MPH in a 55 MPH zone in Clay County, Minnesota. So he decided to get revenge. On Monday, he paid off his $120 fine -- with a garbage can full of pennies.

Clay County District Judge John Pearson had no sense of humor about the matter and ordered the man to wait in the courthouse while the pennies were counted at the bank.

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"If the person is mad at the cop, why take it out on court administration?" said Clay County District Judge John Pearson. "They're punishing the wrong people."
Source: Judge one-ups man who pays $120 fine in pennies (Fargo, ND Forum, 8/3/2005)

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