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Belgium, China, France: Speed Cameras Manipulated
No tickets were issued from several speed cameras in Belgium, China and France last week.

Bagnols speed cameraIn Bagnols, France, vigilantes set fire to the speed camera on the RD6 early Saturday morning, Midi Libre reported. On the same day in Kerdual, white spraypaint took out the freeway speed camera. According to Ouest France, the same automated ticketing machine was painted purple in April then blue in July. The speed camera on the RN2 in Bucy-le-Long was torched last week Sunday, L'Ardennais reported.

In Nukerke, Belgium, vigilantes took the speed camera on the N60 out of service by slapping stickers on the camera's lenses last week, Het Laatste Nieuws reported.

In Qingzhou, China, a pair of truck drivers smashed open the housing of a speed camera and grabbed the equipment inside. According to Iqilu, police used streaming video recorded from the area to track down the suspects in the case.