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Wisconsin Lawmaker Proposes 75 MPH Speed Limit
A Wisconsin state senator plans to push for a 10 MPH increase in his states maximum speed limit.

Senator Tom ReynoldsFollowing a recent trend of states increasing speed limits on rural interstates, Wisconsin state Senator Tom Reynolds, (R-West Allis) wants to bring his state's top speed in line with that of its neighbors. Reynolds is currently gathering the support of fellow legislators for a bill that would boost the top legal highway speed from 65 to 75 MPH.

At 65, Wisconsin is among the slowest states in the region and the nation. A majority of states have adopted limits of at least 70 MPH. Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming have 75 MPH limits. In June, Texas adopted an 80 MPH limit.

The National Motorists Association, headquartered in Wisconsin, has applauded the move as a step that will improve safety on the state's roads. "You will have less tailgating, less weaving in and out of traffic," said Eric Skrum, the group's communication director. "Because the majority of the traffic is going roughly the same speed, you won't have big differences in the speeds people are traveling."

Reynolds intends to formally introduce his legislation some time after July 21.