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France, Latvia, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Smashed, Scorched, Sprayed
Speed cameras were taken out of service in fiery and colorful ways last week in France, Latvia and Saudi Arabia.

Jizan, Saudi Arabia camera wreckageA "saher" speed camera in Jizan, Saudi Arabia was destroyed after having failed to prevent a deadly accident on Friday. According to Al Mowaten, the newly installed device was smashed by a vehicle that had lost control after its tire exploded.

In Jaunmarupe, Latvia, vigilantes completely destroyed a speed camera by setting it alight on April 1. Latvijas Sabiedriskie Mediji reports that this was the biggest attack yet on a speed camera in the country.

In Reims, France, vigilantes spraypainted several speed cameras blue over the past two weeks. According to France 3, the cameras on the road to Dormans, Tondeurs Boulevard and Taitinger Road were all disabled. In Lanneray, red spraypaint was used to take out the speed camera on the D927, L'Echo Republicain reported.