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France, Italy, Russia: Speed Cameras Disabled
Multiple speed cameras around the world were taken out of action last week.

Trashed speed camera in ItalyVigilantes in Kazan, Russia smashed a speed camera last week Sunday. According to Efir 24, officials have not yet identified the person responsible for the attack, though they found two teenagers who happened to be nearby.

In Cerignola, Italy, vigilantes threw a Velo OK brand speed camera in a dumpster. La Notizia reports that images of the two similar attacks have gone viral on Facebook. On the Via Napoli, the automated ticketing machine was covered with a cardboard box. On the Viale Generale Dalla Chiesa, the device was ripped out of the ground.

In Landivisiau, France, the automated ticketing machine on the RN12 was destroyed with burning tires on Thursday night, according to Ouest France. In Aveyron, the mobile speed camera device installed just last month on the N88 was disabled on Wednesday, according to Centre Presse Aveyron. Green spraypaint took out the automated ticketing machine in Saint-Chaffrey last week Sunday, reported.