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France, Italy, Luxembourg, UK: Speed Cameras Disabled
Vigilantes across Europe used a variety of methods to take out speed cameras last week.

Arcore, Italy speed cameraOn Wednesday, vigilantes in Essex, England set fire to a speed camera, the Essex Chronicle reported. The automated ticketing machine had previously been issuing tickets on the A414 Maldon road in Danbury.

In Preganziol, Italy, vigilantes last week used black spraypaint to cover up the lenses of the speed cameras on the Via Franchetti and the Via Taliercio, according to Oggi Treviso. In Arcore, another pair of speed cameras were cut down and left lying in the grass on the side of the road, Monza Brianza News reported.

On Saturday, vigilantes in Haute-Loire, France disabled the speed camera on the RD590 by covering its lens with white spraypaint, according to Le Progres. The same automated ticketing machine had been burned in May. In Saint-Nazaire, the speed camera on the RN171 in Trignac was destroyed by fire on Friday, Ouest France reported. On Sunday, vigilantes ripped out the lenses of the speed camera on the RD105 in Yssingeaux. According to La Commere 43, the same device had been spraypainted in April and May. The nearby camera in Sanssac-l'Eglise was also spraypainted white.

In Luxembourg, the speed camera on the N13 in Welfrange had its lens busted on Friday morning, Le Quotidien reported.