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France, Italy, San Marino, UK: Speed Cameras Mocked, Disabled
Vigilantes around the world found unique ways to express their displeasure toward speed cameras last week.

Piazza GaribaldiIn Desenzano sul Garda, Italy, vigilantes ripped a bright orange speed camera housing right out of the ground last week. According to Brescia Today, the unknown individuals then took the housing to the Piazza Garibaldi and used it to cover a police officer's memorial statue.

In Froidmont-Cohartille, France, the recently installed speed camera on the RN2 was disabled on Friday. The device's lenses were spraypainted red and a swastika painted on the side, L'Union reported.

In West Yorkshire, England, vigilantes used bricks and pieces of carpet to block three speed cameras from issuing tickets. The devices were located on Haworth Road in Heaton, the Telegraph and Argus reported.

In Serravalle, San Marino, vigilantes on Tuesday added a bit of orange spraypaint to the bright orange speed camera boxes, rendering them incapable of issuing tickets. According to San Marino Notizie, the automated ticketing machine had just been installed a week previously.