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France, Italy: Speed Cameras Painted, Rammed, Torched
Vigilantes in Italy and France use fire, force and paint to prevent speed cameras from issuing tickets.

Saint-Vincent-des-Landes speed cameraIn Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France, vigilantes on Tuesday disabled the mobile speed camera on Notre-Dame-Bon-Voyage Avenue by covering it with the colors of the French flag, according to Nice Matin. In Haute-Loire, the speed camera on the RD590 near Ceyssac had its lenses covered by fluorescent green spraypaint, Le Progres reported. On Thursday, the speed camera on the D771 in Saint-Vincent-des-Landes was destroyed with burning bicycle tires, according to Ouest France.

A number of cameras in Cantu, Italy have likewise been taken out of service. On Corso Europa, a speed camera column was covered in black spraypaint, and the camera on Via Piemonte was rammed by a car, according to La Provincia di Como. These particular cameras were not scheduled to be activated until June. On Sunday, another camera was involved in a collision in Ciampino, Il Mamilio reported. The automated ticketing machine on the Via dei Laghi failed to prevent an accident with a Volkswagen Golf. In Gattico, four speed cameras were disabled with black spraypaint, La Stampa Novara reported. The devices had just been installed a few weeks ago.