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Canada, France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Scratched, Scorched
A camera watching a speed camera fails to do its job in Italy. Vigilantes continue to disable photo radar around the world.

Camera watching cameraPublic officials usually respond to vigilante attacks on speed cameras by saying that they will install a surveillance camera to monitor the automated ticketing machine. That strategy backfired in Montserrat, Italy as vigilantes blasted the camera-watching camera with a shotgun, according to L'Unione Sarda. Just a month earlier, the camera it had been watching was destroyed by gunfire.

In Quebec, Canada, vigilantes on Thursday disabled a mobile speed camera, Le Soleil reported. The device had been issuing tickets on Bessette Street in Beauport when the mast that produces the camera flash was ripped out of the device, causing a short circuit.

Also on Thursday, a speed camera had its lenses spraypainted black in Raucoules, France, according to La Commere 43. Around the same time, the speed camera camera on the RD83 in Roppe was painted, L'Est Republicain reported. On Saturday, fluorescent orange was the color of choice on the RN171 in Bouvron, according to Ouest France. The speed camera on the D817 in Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx was activated on Wednesday. Within hours it was disabled by vigilantes, Sud Ouest reported.

In Maidenhead, England, vigilantes set fire to a speed camera last week Sunday after 9pm, the Royal Borough Observer reported. The automated ticketing machine was located on Bath Road near Castle Hill.

In Huckeswagen, Germany, vigilantes disabled a speed camera last week Sunday. According to Rheinische Post, the glass lens on the B237 camera was badly scratched. It had only been installed a few weeks ago.