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France: Speed Cameras Blinded
Red, white and black spraypaint keep French speed cameras from issuing citations.

White spraypainted French cameraVigilantes in France have stopped several speed cameras from issuing tickets with nothing more than a few cans of spraypaint. In Alpes-Maritimes, officials have been using a high-tech armored mobile speed camera platform designed to resist vandalism. The expensive automated ticketing machine on the Route de la Moyenne Corniche was foiled nonetheless by a coat of black spraypaint over its lens. By Thursday, officials had the device repaired and redeployed, Nice-Matin reported. In Aubenchel au Bac, red paint covered the automated ticketing machine on the RD643 on Tuesday. According to L'Observateur, the same device has over the past several months been painted white, destroyed by a truck and painted black.

Last week Saturday, white was the color of choice to take out the camera in Lussac-les-Chateaux, La Nouvelle Republique reported. Around the same time, red spraypaint covered the automated ticketing machine on the D408 in Sivry-Courtry, according to Le Parisien.