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New York, Australia, Italy: Traffic Cameras Trashed
Speed cameras around the world are cut down, crashed into, spraypainted and blown apart.

Exploded speed cameraIn Suffolk County, New York, vigilantes cut down a red light camera last week Monday. According to Newsday, the device at the intersection of County Road 83 and Old Town Road was sawed off toward the base. The county generated $28 million in profit from red light cameras last year.

A speed camera in South Australia failed to prevent an accident last Tuesday, the Adelaide Advertiser reported. A 66-year-old man smashed into a speed camera on the Dukes Highway.

In Cesenatico, Italy, vigilantes knocked over eight speed cameras last week Sunday. According to Cesena Today the bright orange "Velo OK" brand cameras were covered in black spraypaint after being ripped out of the ground on the Via Cesenatico and Via Fossa. The housings were newly installed and had not yet been activated. In Cupra Marittima, officials have no idea who smashed an automated ticketing machine on the highway, Corriere Adriatico reported. In Blessano, vigilantes last Sunday blew up a the speed camera on Strada Provinciale 52. The powerful explosion left nothing behind other than shards of the orange camera housing scattered up to thirty yards away, according to Il Friuli.