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France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Disconnected, Disabled
European vigilantes take out photo radar devices with rocks, wire cutters, and bare hands.

Highway box in ItalyIn Ravenna, Italy, vigilantes disabled a speed camera near San Vitale on Wednesday by cutting the power. The pair of cables feeding the automated ticketing machine were neatly severed. Provincial authorities tried to keep the incident secret for fear that others would copy the simple attack method, Il Resto del Carlino reported. In Benevento, vigilantes knocked out the glass windows of a roadside box used by police officers to set up speed camera traps on the highway to San Giorgio del Sannio, according to Otto Pagine. In Rome, the police officers manning a mobile photo radar trap in Casilina feel asleep. Blasting News reports that passing vigilantes seized the opportunity to grab the automated equipment, sparing passing motorists from being ticketed.

In Henansal, France on Saturday, vigilantes disabled the speed camera on the RD768 between Lamballe et Plancoet, according to Ouest France.

In Schalksmehle, Germany, three men used rocks to smash the speed camera on Heedfelder Strasse on September 11. According to local police, the device was then set on fire.