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France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Trashed, Toppled
Multiple speed cameras across Europe taken out of commission by vigilantes.

Pech, Germany speed cameraFrench tobacco dealers on Tuesday disabled the speed camera in Bayenghem-les-Eperlecques last week. According to La Voix du Nord, the device was covered with a trashbag and an informational poster to protest a looming regulations on cigarettes.

In Leezen, Germany, vigilantes grabbed the camera out of a photo radar housing on the B432 last week Saturday, Kieler Nachrichten reported. The Jenoptik camera was valued at 65,000 euro (US $73,750). In Pech, the camera on the L158 was knocked over and dumped in a field last week Sunday, according to General Anzeiger.

In Loreto, Italy, vigilantes knocked over three speed cameras last week. Corriere Adriatico reports that the bright orange photo radar pillars were yanked out of the ground late at night.