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France, Norway: Speed Cameras Disabled
Vigilantes warn of speed cameras and disable them in France and Norway.

Decapitated speed cameraIn Harestua, Norway, a speed camera on the Rv.4 failed to prevent an accident at 6:30pm on Thursday. According to Oppland Arbeiderblad, a drunk driver plowed into the automated ticketing machine, decapitating it. The driver was not injured.

In Agen, France on Saturday, motorcyclists painted warning notices on the pavement in front of all the speed cameras in the region, Sud Ouest reported. The group uses stencils to paint a large white "R" for radar within a triangle on the road 150 yards before the speed camera, ensuring fellow travelers will not be taken by surprise by the automated ticketing machine.

In Castelsarrasin, vigilantes used red spraypaint to disable a trio of speed cameras around June 12. According to La Depeche, the automated ticketing machines on the RD813 and RD958 also had the number four tagged on the side.