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Australia, Belgium, Italy, Russia, UK: Speed Cameras Disrespected, Destroyed
Vigilantes throughout Europe show disrespect toward speed cameras, or destroy them.

Vladivostok speed cameraA man in Victoria, Australia flashed a speed camera on January 26. Victoria Police last Monday released images of a man in his 30s who stripped naked and danced in front of the automated ticketing machine on Kelletts Road in Rowville.

In Vladivostok, Russia, a man -- fully clothed -- was filmed making lewd advances toward a mobile speed camera unit on the M60. The video is available on YouTube.

In Gallarate, Italy, vigilantes disabled a speed camera with a feminine hygiene product. La Provincia di Varese reports that a tampon was glued over the lens of the automated ticketing machine on Viale Milano.

In Wallonia, Belgium, vigilantes used a grinder to destroy a speed camera on Wednesday. According to 7 Sur 7, the automated ticketing machine on the E42 was completely destroyed in the attack.

Vigilantes in West Yorkshire, England scorched a speed camera at around 3:40am on Friday. The Huddersfield Daily Examiner reports that a tire was placed on the automated ticketing machine on Wakefield Road in Huddersfield and set on fire.