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Missouri, France, Saudi Arabia: Traffic Cameras In Fires, Crashes, Scandals
Missouri traffic camera fails to prevent accident, French ones burn, Saudi Arabian employees busted for privacy invasion.

Velleron, France cameraA red light camera was knocked over Wednesday in an accident that the device did not prevent. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, an SUV hit the device at Hampton Avenue and Wilson Avenue at around 8:30am.

In Haute-Loire, France, vigilantes completely destroyed a speed camera on March 8. Mon43 reported that burning tires were used on the automated ticketing machine on the RD906 near Boeux, which had previously been set on fire in November. At about the same time, the speed camera in Velleron went up in flames. According to Le Dauphine, the device on the RD31 had been spraypainted two years ago.

The photo ticketing consortium in Saudi Arabia known as Saher is in big trouble. Employees of the companies involved in Saher, which include Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia, have been caught strategically leaking videos of motorists on YouTube in violation of local laws, according to ArAr News. Several individuals have been fired as a result of the scandal.