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France, UK: Traffic Cameras Torched And Spraypainted
Vigilantes throughout France and Wales use spraypaint and fire to disable and destroy automated ticketing machines.

Durcet, France cameraIn Flintshire, Wales, vigilantes set fire to the speed camera on the A5104 in Coed Talon Wednesday morning, the North East Wales News reported. The device was the county's second most profitable camera.

In Durcet, France, vigilantes last weekend covered the speed camera on the D924 with red spraypaint, L'Orne Combattante reported. On Wednesday, brown spraypaint was the color of choice in Epenoy. According to Plein Air, the camera on the RD461 was disabled for the first time since the beginning of the year. Fluorescent yellow was used to disable the speed camera in Bellenglise on Tuesday, L'Aisne Nouvelle reported.

In Bains, vigilantes torched the speed camera on the RD906 on Thursday. Mon 43 reports that a tire placed around the automated ticketing machine was set on fire. The same technique was used on Wednesday in Joue-les-Tours to destroy the camera on the D7, according to La Nouvelle Republique.